Writing a lot lately

lately I have been writing a lot. Life has been busy, but I still manage to find the time to lose myself in some silly smut now and then. I started a new story recently that has been hard to put down, the Harem World series. It is a lot of fun to write and the story just flows out when I do. Unfortunately I have a couple other stories I have to finish up before I can devote a significant amount of time to the new series.

In the next two months I will be finishing up The Power, or at least the first major arc of that story. I have an idea to tie that story and a few others into a shared universe, but that would be well into the future and currently its just a notes and some rough outlines.

I have been making an effort to edit my work better, and going back and reediting older works, and making cover art for them.

I can't wait to finish some of these series!

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