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Hiatus is Over

It's been a difficult year for me. Surgery, moved to another state, got a new job, massive drama with family, robbed. Needless to say it's made focusing on the writing difficult. I'm jumping back into the writing and will publish Rock God 3 this week. I want to get my release schedule back to where it was, but it may take a few weeks/months for me to work up to that.

Projects to be finished:

Fix the website - it's not at the top of my list, but the site's a mess and needs to be updated.

Frontier Fillies - another 2-3 volumes will finish the series. expect the next part in a month or two.

Coven Master - the last book is in my head, but it might not be until early next year that i get it out and onto the page.

Tribe - I finished book 3 many months ago, but don't like how it turned out and need to fully re-write it.

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