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Illustrated Stories! & 2021 Update

I will be sending out a Newsletter tomorrow am, but I wanted to let my readers know here also. I've found an artist whose agreed to make illustrated versions of my stories. She is a friend, and I have hope that the partnership will last. The first illustrated story published will be Taboo Family Crusoe, with a chapter released each week. These will be posted on:

I plan to offer the stories in downloadable format as both .PDF and .EPUB. If another format is requested, I'd like to accommodate it.

There will also be original stories illustrated and published on the site. The image below is from the first of these, titled Snowdrift Ranch. It's about a young man in the old west and how the women of his family find comfort in his strong arms. Snowdrift Ranch is a shorter tale and will be released as a full story and not chapter by chater.

Snowdrift Ranch (opening scene)


I am working full time (as an engineer) again, and my writing schedule is slower than it used to be. I took a break from writing over the summer and have been releasing the backlog of works I had on my computer. This week I'll release another MEGA Bundle of all the Kindle Unlimited erotica I published this year. 600,000 words of it.


COVEN MASTER 5: This book is 60% complete. It will need heavy edits, because I've been writing it in fits and starts, but I hope to have it ready to publish by mid December.

HAREM WORLD 4: I'm really excited to write this after having a breakthrough on the plot. The story of Braden and his harem isn't over. The next book will deal with the Empire and will have more SciFi elements mixed in. What happens when Braden the Breeder arrives in the Galactic Empire?! This book should be finished by March 2022.

VOX AI 3: Book 3 will be published before May 2022, and hopefully in Feb. It's currently 10% written.

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Ronald McCully
Ronald McCully
Nov 23, 2021

Sweet looking forward to Harem World 4 and 5. Will the illustrated stories be for sale on your site or only via subscribstar?

Nov 24, 2021
Replying to

They won't be for sale at this time, only available on the subscription model. This may change in the future, but I didn't want to charge a lot per story, and the price would have been high with all the art.


Great to know about what's coming soon. And the illustrated stories look amazing! Work is also taking most of my time, but I'll try to catch up during the holidays. Good luck with everything!

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