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Bouncing back

It's been a rough last couple months. In short: I got wrecked by Covid. I'm healthy, got the vaccines, boosters and was responsible about others safety but for whatever reason it lingered with me for weeks. The lack of taste, energy, brain fog, and general feverishness were the worst of it.

A week ago I started climbing out of it and writing again. I wrote during my feverish state but not sure if it's any good. I finished a second Dade Crawford book, Tribe 2, which is with the editor and will be out in a week or two, (if the cover artist ever finishes!). I have a few erotica stories I've written and will be releasing over the next few weeks.

Harem World book 4 is 80% finished, I have the ending worked out and just need to finish it off. I know it's been forever since I published this series last but it's kinda been my baby to write, and I find myself loath to end it. As silly as that sounds.

Below is the working cover of Tribe 2. I love this cover, but feel like the lighter tones work better for book three, which is outlined but not started. I'm getting another cover from the same artist, for book two, that should bridge the gap in tones, and feature the blonde alone.

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dreamy eye
dreamy eye
Jun 25, 2023

Any updates on tribe 3?


Glad to hear you are feeling better. Nothing like an illness to throw you off. Glad to hear about Harem World. It was the first HaremLit series I ever read and I have a fondness for it and would like to delve again into the continuing adventures of Braden and the gang. Keep up the good work and stay well! Thanks for your writing

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