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The Power is Complete!

Inspiration for Aunt Sharon

I just hit a big milestone in my writing and thought I would pop over and publish a blog post about it. I began a series called The Power about five to six years ago, just for fun in my spare time. I posted it on Literotica and got a big response from readers wanting to see more of the story. So I wrote several more large parts but eventually life and work got in the way of finishing it. Recently I was inspired to write and picked up the story again, publishing the 4th part about a month ago. I started the 5th and final part 2 weeks ago and just finished it this morning! (thank god for holiday weekends)

I will need to edit the story (which I suck at) and then make cover art, but I hope to have it published in the next couple days. Then I will be able to bundle together the whole series, something I have always thought was cool when I see it on other authors pages. I will also be formatting a single volume of the story and offering it for paperback. I doubt anyone wants taboo harem erotica on their bookshelf, but I definitely will want a copy of my first full length book!

Thanks to anyone who had read the series, you keep me writing :)

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