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Harem World Book 3 stalled at 25%...

I got 25% of the way into the book and the tone was just... off.

The plot and my plans for the overarching series, now outlined, look solid. It's not writer's block, but I'm sifting through a dull point in the narrative and its let my writing become sloppy and poor.

No excuses, just the facts.

Taking up the first book, I'm going to do a full read through and get into the mindset then edit what I've written and carry it forward. I'd hoped to release Book 3 in December but it won't be out until 2021, my apologies.

There will be more releases in the meantime of stuff I'm writing concurrently. Next release is this week: MILF Neighborhood 3. Part 4 is nearly complete and part 5 will follow after.

I hope your holidays are wonderful.



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