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Have a good rhythm going

Over the past few weeks I’ve found a nice rhythm to my writing. So long as I don’t put too much on my plate at once and allow myself room to break off and write something else now and then, I find I can be more focused and productive overall. Currently I am 60% of the way through Harem on the Prairie: part two, but it may require a bit more editing to make sure it has a similar feel as part one. I am also just finishing off a new story that I will be releasing this week and next.

I had a fan contact me and ask for the release date on a certain series that I had really enjoyed writing, but thought was dead. I was so excited to heard from a fan that I ended up writing 12k words to finish off the story according to my notes that evening.

Harem World part three will be my next big project and I’m really excited for it.

I have a spreadsheet where I track words written, stories, sales and all of that. According to it I’ve written over 300k words in the past 2.5 months. A few weird observations after having spent so much time writing for the first time in my life:

o Bruised fingertips suck – be kind to the keyboard.

o Write faster = type fast & stay on the train of thought, clear and focused.

o Just write – force the first 100-300 words if you have, to but eventually it will flow and you’ll have another 3-5k

o I’m addicted to using noise-cancelling headphones that block out sound when I write, don’t need it, but love it. I’m also addicted to my MacBook Pro 15in and I feel pretty guilty about that.

Inspirational Image for my most recent series:

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