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Harem World: Book Two is submitted!

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay between posts. It's crazy times for everyone including Amazon it seems. There are issues on their end and instead of taking 24 hrs to publish a book once it's been submitted, it's taking closer to 9 days.

I currently have a SciFi Harem book called Vox-AI: Book One: A Space Harem, which has been "In Review" for 8 days. I hope it publishes today or tomorrow, fingers crossed. The basic premise: guy is first person to beat nearly impossible space strategy game. Hot space MILF's arrive and inform him the game was a test, now he gets to save the galaxy for real. It's pulp fiction and features explicit content, aliens, hot space MILF's and lots of hot harem action.

Harem World: Book Two could be live anytime between today and late next week. Once it is, I'll send out an email letting everyone know.

I hope you guys like the book, it's the longest single narrative I've written so far and I spent a good amount of time editing it.

Below is the continent Braden has found himself on.

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