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Harem World 3: 10% complete

I've started to remake my older covers and I wanted to leave my readers notice. If you have issue with the new covers please let me know, here or send a message through the site or to my email.

I've always tried to put out the best product I could. In that spirit, as my writing, editing and cover making has gotten better, I like to go back and reedit previously published books and stories. Please be sure to update an eBooks you have when you see the icon appear and the text/cover will be updated with minor corrections to grammar and spelling.

Recently I have gotten into photoshop and I’m using it to make my new covers. Previously I was using a free app on my iPad. Not for any legitimate reason, other than it was the first application I learned to fiddle with covers on, and I was loath to take on the learning curve of PS again.

However, a new problem presents itself. I am a shit artist. I try to draw but I've come to the art late in life and will never get to a proper level that I would like for my covers. I will be searching for a good cover artist who can make me a series of art pieces. I plan to write more LitRPG books as they’re some of my favorite, but I’ve always felt they lack much of what made their progenitors excellent. I’ll be moving from a one per week, release schedule to twice a month.

I have always been a private person so please bear with my slow and infrequent posts.

Thank you all for enjoying my pulp erotic stories. It means a lot that you've taken the time to read my words.

Best regards,


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1 Comment

Charles Holt
Charles Holt
Nov 03, 2020

Hi Nick,

I have bought and read most of your work.

Just find your Grove and let it flow.


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