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Beginning to publish on Amazon...

I have been writing erotica for many years mostly for my own enjoyment. I published on Literotica at first and then Smashwords later. Recently I decided to try selling on Amazon, so I have done a lot of research and investment of time in learning the various technologies and tools available through Amazon selling. It will be an adventure, and I hope things stay fun and enjoyable.

I have a lot of unreleased stories that I need to edit (I am a poor editor but haven't found one for my work yet) and that takes me a while with work and life to juggle as well. I also have most of the next couple in each series written, with minor revisions and edits to make before they can be published. Is anyone else into harem erotica??

Scarlett Ann Realistic by Scarlett Ann

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1-Scarlet Ann, if that is realistic is going to have problems being noticed as she is WAYYY hot.

2-Harem writing is fun, light reading. Buying your materiaal as I find it.

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